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Unable to join the Workspace of my band via the Sign Up Now link

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asked Aug 17, 2022 in Studio One+ by jespermeijering (120 points)


I'm in a band with some friends, and we built our own studio over the past few years. One of the guys has a PreSonus Sphere account and is able to create workspaces. He has created a workspace for our band, in which we plan to share recordings and stuff like that. 

He has invited me and the rest of the band to join the workspace. Everyone has been able to join/see the workspace after they clicked the link in the invitation email. Whenever I click the link, however, I am getting the login screen and after logging in I see the homepage... That's it... no message stating I successfully joined, or that it failed. Nothing... When I navigate to the Workspaces tab; again, nothing. This is what the invitational email looks like:

The only difference I can think of between me and the rest of the band is that I already had an account (whereas they had to actually sign up, as the email says). And I was already in a "test" workspace that I joined some months ago when we were first testing this functionality. I do not know (anymore) how I managed to join that workspace back then. I even removed that workspace just now to see if I am maybe not allowed to join more than one workspace. This also did not seem to help...

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this matter?

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answered Mar 4, 2023 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
Ask the creator of the workspace to connect with your profile, they can then add you from your profile.