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Workspace Storage Region and Download Speeds

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asked Oct 16, 2022 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by sebastianrumpf2 (130 points)

If I am not wrong, Presonus Workspaces are using "Wasabi" cloud storage in it's backend.

Now whenever I up or download files, my Studio one is connecting to the US servers of this Wasabi cloud, which makes transfer speeds go down to ~4-500 KB/s because I am living in Germany. Up- or downloading a 3 GB song takes ages with these bandwidths.

Would it be possible to implement a mechanism, that automatically connects to the regional endpoints of Wasabi and therefore "Workspaces" (in my case for Germany: for eu-central)  or have a Region selector in the Software?

This would greatly speed up file-transfers and make workspaces more useable.

According to their (wasabi) documentation they have endpoints in US-east, central, west as well as central europe and the  Asia-Pacific region.

Looking forward to an answer =)



PS: Love the new collaboration features by the way!

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