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Please add Quick Scenes back into Universal Control for Studiolive III

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asked Aug 24, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by andrewbellous (200 points)
The Universal Control Software for StudioLive AI has a 'Mute/Scene' button that allows you to enable and disable mute groups, but also quickly recall scenes. I'm curious why this feature didn't make it into modern versions of the software.

The StudioLive III Universal Control Software has a 'Mutes' button, but there appears to be no way to access 'Quick Scenes', as earlier versions of the software allowed for. Could a more streamlined way to recall scenes be possible, instead of needing to select a scene and launch it in a window that takes up the entire screen and gives no access to the faders?

Alternately, it would be nice if the QMix UC interface included a 'Quick Scenes' mode, so that scenes could be triggered from a full-page screen with 8 buttons listing available scenes. Having a computer open to the full UC control software, with a companion phone which could quickly trigger scenes would be excellent. Having my full computer screen filled with a rather awkward Scenes interface which requires two clicks to do anything is less useful.

I'm using Universal Control running on a Win 10 PC with a StudioLive III 24R.

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answered Mar 6, 2023 by fdkhwnoy (610 points)
I like the idea of adding the ability to load scenes from the QMix-UC app if the user has FoH access rights.
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answered Jan 15 by Jstudiosound (410 points)
Why did Quick Scenes get removed? Our church just purchased a new Studiolive 32sx expecting to use Quick Scenes and have realized that the function has been removed. That function was one of the major reasons we updated to the Series 3 from our Presonus AI Mixer. I’m really dissappointed.