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Allow routing of unused digital returns to aux outputs

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asked Apr 19, 2016 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by timg11 (500 points)
When all channels are used for analog inputs, it seems a waste to have the corresponding digital returns doing nothing.  Please implement a routing matrix or alternative path on the digital returns so that when the input channel is being used for an analog input, the digital return can be routed somewhere else where it can be used. My primary use is for routing to the AUX outputs, but other places might make sense also.
In the case of the AUX outputs, the "insert point" for the digital returns should be after the Aux 1-10 digital outputs, so the computer could be "in the loop" of the Aux Bus. But the main thing is to be able to have some additional D/A analog outputs from the computer.

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answered Aug 7, 2016 by AlexTinsley (902,880 points)

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