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Scene Selection via MIDI CC

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asked Oct 3, 2022 in Studio One 5 by midiman4 (740 points)

Has anyone figured out a way to recall Scenes using MIDI CC? Can't find any documentation on it, nor anything on the internet, and Control Link doesn't work on Scenes [or Show Page :-( ] - all the info on S1 Scenes is just about saving and recalling, not mapping the recall to a MIDI message.

I was kind of hoping the Show Page would be my salvation here, but I can't find any way of selecting a Setlist Item via a MIDI message - which seems really crazy - anyone not wearing a guitar during a performance would surely want this!

If anyone has any insight/tips/tricks - or simply a 'No, it's not possible', it would sure help a lot of folks out there!


#Was on S1 v5, now on v6

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answered Oct 12, 2022 by midiman4 (740 points)
edited Oct 14, 2022 by midiman4
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Scenes are a very cool way of storing/recalling mixer settings.

This is really useful for live performance, where scenes can be selected for different songs etc. But they need to be selectable from a MIDI controller.

To do this:

Setup your MIDI controller in the usual way.

Navigate the controller's configuration window and right-click on the relevant control (probably a button) and select 'Assign Command'.

Search for 'Scene' and from the list pick  'Select Scene X' -- X being the scene you want recalled for that button. You can of course select other options (like next/previous to setup two 'scene up/down' buttons)

This makes mixer Scenes really useful, particularly for live.
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answered Oct 7, 2022 by artourkats1 (400 points)

Hi there , haven't looked into recalling Scenes via CC but it is possible not only recall scenes but also putting the sceenes on timeline on Instrument track so you can recall scenes in a song . same way like regions or events whatever Presonus call them or recall if them from your midi keyboard if that suits you better. it takes third party Application to set it up though .

if you are on Mac , programme is called keyboard maestro . its very inexpensive great app . it will take few hours to set it up as it involves mapping midi notes to scenes  key commands .   but once you have set it up you don't have to do anything . it like S1 feature . and you can have as many scenes as you'd like . you are actually not limited to 10 scenes as it looks . you can make more scenes in macro organizer . i'll do i quick video so you can see how it looks after you've done all setting ups. it is also possible to include VST instrument in snapshots which involves another Third Party VST .

if you are not on mac there's alternatives to "Keyboard Maestro " . if you think you can use it in your scenario i can help to set it up . 

short demonstration vid. here