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Show Page Midi CC Automation

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asked Apr 23, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by roberttimms (230 points)
In the show page, it would be very helpful if you could be able to add Midi CC changes to External Instrument Players.

For instance, the Line 6 Helix line of products use PC changes for patch changes, but CC69 to change snapshots (which are like slight changes to settings within your patches). The way it is now, you are able to change patches on the Helix, but not snapshots. Helix patch changes give a small gap between changes, but Snapshot changes are seamless.

I know you can assign CC69 to a knob or fader in the "Controls" section of the show page, but if you are using it to automatically change during a track, that is not helpful.

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answered May 7, 2022 by ericthompson (830 points)
Yup its a "show stopper" I hope it comes out post haste.  Its the reason most bands upgraded to 5
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answered Mar 30 by juhanisuominen (170 points)
I’m 100% with you on this one! I just created a Show for my band and was really disappointed to find out that you can’t send MIDI CC commands from a regular midi-track from inside the Show page.. I’m sure the Patches work for some, but for us they just aren’t enough as we are using Quad Cortexes with the majority of the tone switching happening using the Scenes and not actual Presets to make sure there are no gaps when switching to different sounds. Also no way to automatically control stuff like expression pedals, which is a bummer.

Please PreSonus make it possible to send midi commands in the Show page, just as it is possible in the Song page, by assigning custom CC commands with custom values to a midi track!
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answered Apr 2 by juandavidartalrangel (990 points)
I really want and need this feature to both control guitar effects, lights and video. I hope they add it soon
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answered Oct 1 by dongyangliu (330 points)

Please PreSonus!!!