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Focus on Music-making

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asked Oct 3, 2022 in MIDI Editing by JosephJFK (750 points)

The last two versions of Studio One have made minimal inroads on the core use-case for a DAW for many people: recording music.  Instead, Presonus has added video, text-editing (lyrics), notation, and live performance (sort of....).  

Presonus:  Please, please go back to improving the DAW as a DAW.  Improve chord mode, patterns, scales, MIDI, audio editing, etc.  

I have no doubt that for some people the recent diversions into other areas have been a great addition.  But the last real music update was 4.5; please go back to adding features that speak to the core DAW experience.  

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answered Oct 4, 2022 by tomferguson1 (370 points)
Firmly agree, SO6 is completely underwhelming when there are so many cool things that could be added or improved.

There's clearly a demand for better MIDI editing based on the fact that FL Studio's Piano Roll is still touted as the best and plugins like Captain Chords and Orb Producer Suite are being sold. What about locking keyboard keys to a scale like Autotheory or NI's controller?

The UI for warp modes and time-stretching in Ableton is vastly better than SO...

Modular tools like in Bitwig...

There's so much cool music stuff to work on!!