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Any plans to manufacture a mix/reference cube product?

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asked Oct 6, 2022 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by robertthroop (120 points)
A quick question although long narrative. Has Presonus given any thought to producing a midrange mix/reference monitor similar to the Auratone 5C Active Super Cube, Avantone Active MixCube, or the new Reftone Active LD-3B Ref-Cubes? There seems to be a market for this kind of product but, in my opinion, all three of the one's I referenced are horribly overpriced. Presonus is renowned for creating great products at reasonable prices. As a faithful Presonus user (you can check my product registrations), I'd love to see and add a set of comparable speakers to my arsenal. I bet Presonus could outsell the competition with a similar product in the $199.00/pair range. I know things have changed since Fender became involved but hope the Presonus brand still has the ability to make decisions like this. I eagerly await your reply.

Best regards.

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