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asked Oct 13, 2022 in Atom Pad Controllers by floriangratton (140 points)
I just bought the ATOM. I do between 50 and 100 gigs per year. I can't have the pad lights on stage when I don't play.

Have I any solution or did I just waste my money on some gear that I can't geek around with.


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answered Jan 11 by GTRtice (2,120 points)
What's the issue with the lights? Just don't want it showing anything when you're not using it? If so, I get that.
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answered Apr 23 by pauloluz (600 points)
Presonus, I'm going blind with these blue Atom lights that never go out. Resolve, resolve, resolve. I don't need a light cannon on my desk. How about hanging up with Studio One? It's perfect.
If they don't RESOLVE DEFINITELY, after so much time and requests, we'll look for another manufacturer that respects the consumer.