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Feature Request: Show colors of Ableton drums on Atom pads

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asked Nov 6, 2023 in Atom Pad Controllers by JamesGohrsch (160 points)
reshown Nov 28, 2023 by JamesGohrsch
I put in a support ticket with the following request. The support engineer said this is not currently possible so I am quickly adding the text here as a feature request. This seems really obvious and fairly easy to implement so please Everybody vote this up!

Hello! I bought a Presonus Atom drum pad controller because I thought its colored drum pads would reflect the color choices I set up on each pad to display on each Ableton drum pad, chain, and Push 2 button. I would like to use color as a visual aid to make sure I hit the right pad and for visual feedback when I navigate around the full selection of available pads such as: red for kicks, blue for snares, orange for loops, green for 1 shot samples, etc… I see that Atom can display Ableton clip color, how can Atom display drum pad color? If this is not an option, please implement it in an upcoming update. I think this is an excellent use case for the hardware and will probably make a lot of Ableton users buy an Atom because Push’s pads are too small to do drum rolls on a single drum’s pad with Push. Word gets around especially on the internet and I can see no other big colored drum pads (except maybe Maschine) that can possibly do this. Thank you!

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