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Loop Record is broken?

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asked Oct 13, 2022 in Studio One 5 by rileybuffington (120 points)
Studio One 6: So I'm doing loop record (where you pick the takes from one waveform) and all of a sudden while doing a session the takes all disappear when I select one. This is a borderline workflow-breaking issue that truly must be fixed.

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answered Nov 19, 2022 by Grimm (200 points)
This issue has been happening with all versions of studio one in the last couple of years.  I just sent a bug report to them but they just respond by telling me to check in any support seen here but when I do it's just people complaining about it with no answer to the problem. This happened to me yesterday again when I was working with a client.  Joe Gilder just did a video about how to comp tracks this way and I made a mention in the comments about how this bug still exits. It sounds like it hasn't been fixed in version 6 either. It also seems to happen totally randomly