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Cannot change my credit card

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asked Nov 22, 2022 in Studio One+ by mphill1967 (120 points)

Hi There

I currently have a Sphere account with you including a paid monthly plan. I need to change the credit card I use for payment however when I try to do this in My Account page, the system will not allow me to enter a new card.

Can you please help with this?

3 Answers

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answered Mar 4 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
Cancel then renew, rather than try to update the card details.
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answered Oct 14 by one.espana (220 points)
Unfortunately, this response did not help me, I cancelled and now I have no option to renew and the price went up to 19.99. What a PAIN locked out of my projects all day due to this.
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answered Dec 4 by tommorgan1 (180 points)
I am having this problem too.  Seems many have had credit card and payment issues!   Presonus needs to fix this, or they will lose customers!!