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Please add a "field recorder" workflow

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asked Dec 5, 2022 in Video by rosssmith (770 points)
Along with other popular video-oriented requests, I would like to see Studio One implement a "field recorder" workflow that would enable the user to more elegantly manage poly wav files with many channels. With such a feature, the user would have the ability to swap channels within a single clip without having to manage the channels as separate clips and files. For instance, on an actor, the editor could change a clip's source from the boom recording to a lavalier recording. And these channels would be organized and labeled using a field recorder's metadata capabilities, or through Studio One as necessary.

Pro Tools, Nuendo, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro X all have workflows for this, some more successful than others. See the "Field Recorder Guide Track" in Pro Tools and "Field Recorder Audio Import" in Nuendo.

And this extends beyond video to music as well. What if I record a drum kit with a field recorder with many channels in one file? Would be nice if Studio One could gracefully handle that import and editing scenario.

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answered Oct 29, 2023 by robert148 (330 points)
That would be wonderfull indeed...