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Can I use a 32R as a main mixer with 16R as a stage box?

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asked Feb 5, 2023 in StudioLive Series III by owen12 (150 points)
This is a question about live use...

I want to use a 32R as a main rack mixer but also house a 16R separately to use as a stage box via CAT5 elsewhere on stage.

I'm not expecting to gain any more channels, 32 total is fine... just need to know if the basic concept will work. Attraction is that for some gigs a 16R would be enough on its own so having both rack mixers in the set up would give me flexibility.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I just can't see a direct answer anywhere! Thanks, Owen.

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answered Mar 2, 2023 by mackjohnson1 (78,240 points)
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Yes, you can. You just have to perform the stagebox setup in the network settings tab in Universal Control.