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Export a setlistitem in it's entirety from the showpage

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asked Feb 8 in Show Page by marvin.meyer (240 points)
I would like to have the option to export a setlistitem from the showpage in it's entirety, so that you can import this paticular song to another show without setting everything up again. Through this it's also possible to change the setlist from show to show without losing songs or having them disabled and being distractive.

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answered Apr 22 by silvanstuble (970 points)
I just came across this limitation. Seems like a pretty big oversight! In the current version you have to set up all patch changes for every new show you create. that's pretty ridiculous imo

Everythink in Studio One is drag and drop. (Or at least they say that sometimes in their marketing). So why can't I drag e.g. a setlist item from one show to another one? Or at least copy/ paste :)