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closed Add Live Performance Features to Studio One to Compete with ABLETON LIVE [Completed in part 5.0]

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asked Oct 8, 2018 in Completed Feature Requests by (1,070 points)
closed Jan 8, 2021 by arndkaiser
We would like to be able to use STUDIO ONE for production of live Praise and Worship services at Church.

ABLETON LIVE seems to be somewhat of a standard for such productions, but since we use STUDIO ONE to produce our stems it would be awesome to be able to control our services from Studio One or an addin for same.

Typically missing features are:

1) A way to play back multiple songs in one set

2) A way to display Lyrics for a "sing along" experience for the audience.

3) A way to control via midi external devices, such as DMX lighting.

4) A way to play videos as part of the "set"

5) A way to control all the above from ATOM or a similar live production controller.

6) A way to use STUDIO ONE as a keyboard station with virtual instruments and patches automatically loading from the set script.

Most of these things can already be done within the program, but in a clunky and non intuitive way.

From a selfish point of view this would be an awesome assist for us. From a PRESONUS point of view this is a huge market that you could own a large part of.

Thanks for all the great products!
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answered Oct 11, 2018 by michaelmccolley (790 points)
Did SL 4 resolve any of these suggestions?
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answered Oct 30, 2018 by evangutierrez (150 points)
Hi, I'm also curious to know if Studio One 4 now does this or something similar
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answered Mar 15, 2019 by richardtitus (190 points)
Nope, hasn't changed at all in this regard. SL 4 still doesn't serve as a very good LIVE replacement. I WANT it to, but no.
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answered Aug 13, 2019 by Hecolivares (140 points)
You can sync any type of video using pro presenter just as Ableton does. Same goes for controlling dmx lights with software like Lightkey.

In both situations midi triggers are needed. Just add a midi track in studio one.