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Overly closed project and scene management

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asked Jun 10 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by andreaprati (340 points)
The inability to load a scene, edit it and then save it under another project is pure madness. I'd also be fine copying a scene to another project and then editing it, but you have to do something to unlock this.

Example 1: I have a 12 man band of which 8 are also in another band (not so strange, Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment shared 3 members until Portnoy left). Obviously the two bands would go on different projects. In this case I have to redo everything from the beginning because I can't load the scene where I already have the 8 elements in common with their fat channels and their auxes and add the new ones.

Example 2: same band but different situations, every time I have to redo the scenes if unfortunately they belong to different projects.

Of course there is the possibility of using the "scene safe" tab, but the speed and comfort of work are something else.

Surely someone else will have other examples of why it could be useful to unlock project and scene management. It would be very simple, it would be enough to let the user decide in which project to save the scene he has created/modified without forcing him to save it in the original project or a new project.

Not even Apple has such a narrow-mindedness. I beg you!

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