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Return to current project in firmware 2.0

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asked Apr 4, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by rgbass (920 points)
So was just messing with the new project and scene set up on the new firmware, and it seems that when you close that page on UC surface and then return back to the page to load another scene, it defaults to the top of the project list instead of the project you are currently working on.  Which kind of defeats the purpose of quick scene changes because you have to scroll back down to the project youre already on to pull up that scene list.  Anyway that going into the project page loads the current project and accompanying scenes upon opening the page?  

Really like how loading the scenes does not cause audio drop out, and I love how this will help me organize band's based on different venues that require different mixes, or if a one band has 3 different genres...but I just want to be able to load those quickly without having to scroll through all of my saved projects in order to switch scenes.

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answered Apr 9, 2019 by benpierce (99,380 points)
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Thanks for the feature request!