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Sound in Studio one and another program after export is different.

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asked Feb 9, 2023 in Studio One 5 by siravichaunban (150 points)

I just start recording and mixing some sound i got. so when i export it with a plugin effect and heard about sound i finished. it different sound tone and not same when i heard in Studio one.

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answered Feb 9, 2023 by colinotoole (16,490 points)
Hi. This is avery vague description of your problem. It would help if you took the time to include more specific information.
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answered Feb 19, 2023 by viswachakravarthy (2,770 points)
Put all your tracks into a BUS. bring in the exported file and flip the polarity. you can hear the differences. (if you have effectson the master, put those effects in the BUS

Possibly when you play on other systems it may have EQ settings or something.