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How to setup external midi device in S1 version 6

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asked Mar 31 in Studio One 6 by chuck.leamon (260 points)

I've followed the guide in the manual as well as watching the presonus video (was for version 5) for connecting to an external device (piano, sync, etc.). 

1. click [external] ...

2. click the menu arrow...

3. select edit....

4. click the outputs button ---- oops, there is no outputs button!  there is a "MIDI learn" button.  S1 thinks I'm setting up a controller.

The device never show up in the browser tab Instruments/external Instruments.

The device shows up in the selection menu for Input, but not for output.

I know how to monitor through an aux, I just can't get S1 to send the recorded midi to the external piano.

What am I missing?

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answered Mar 31 by chuck.leamon (260 points)
Please cancel this request.

I figured out my device was set up as a "Keyboard" rather than a "Instrument"

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answered Mar 31 by chuck.leamon (260 points)
Spoke too soon.  Here's the situation.

I have a digital piano connected to my computer via USB.  I have a steinberg UR242 audio interface. If I setup an external instrument (P-105) using the "digital piano" as the Send To and Receive From, then play the piano, I see activity in the MIDI monitor, but data is not recorded into the track using this external Instrument.  If I hand place some notes they play on the piano.

In order to get record MIDI to work, I have to set up an external instrument using the "digital Piano" as receive from and the "UR242" as the sendto.  Then setup another one with "UR242" as receive from and "Digital Piano" as the sendto.

This allows me to record and playback using an external digital piano.

Seems like an extra step.  Why is this necessary?