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Studio One is scanning the wrong VST folder, and only loading some of the plugins in that wrong folder

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asked Jul 21, 2023 in Studio One 6 by nehpets0701 (120 points)

I got Studio One 6 recently and I've been experimenting with different plugins. I downloaded some Spitfire plugins and Steven Slate drums and those worked fine. Now I'm trying to install some more plugins and I can't get them to show up. I checked where the previous plugins had installed and it turns out they installed in a folder that isn't even listed under VST locations, yet they are still working. 

These are the locations shown, but it only works if I put the plugins in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

If I remove them from this folder and put them in one of the "correct folders" as specified in the VST location list, then they don't show up anymore. So I figured I would just put everything in that folder that's working for the first two plugins, but no matter where I put my new plugins and no matter which VST locations I add to the list, they won't show up. Why is it checking in the wrong folder in the first place? And why are only some of the plugins working in said folder? Thanks.

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answered Jul 22, 2023 by colinotoole (16,440 points)
Hi. I suspect it might be to do with how those plugins were installed. Do you know you can add locations of plugins in S1? So, what I'd do is put everything back where it originally was and then add the locations to S1... 'options', I think.  Worth a try, at least. Cheers.