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AudioBox USB 96 Driver Malfunctioning

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asked Aug 4, 2023 in AudioBox USB by lukashaselmann (120 points)
Both Windows and Universal Control recognize my AudioBox USB 96, but for some reason, when I try doing anything in Windows, I get no audio; YouTube videos start loading but won't start playing until I either change to another audio device, or disconnect and reconnect the USB cable on the interface, but even after doing that, as soon as playback stops, if I try opening another video or audio source, the same issue happens. I'm also having issues in Studio One: when I open it up, it says that it couldn't initialize my audio device.

Weirdly, if I uninstall the drivers/Universal Control, I can go back to using it normally under Windows Audio, but I can't use it in any low latency applications since well, I uninstalled the drivers.

I already tried reinstalling an older version of Universal Control, using another USB cable (including a brand new one), using different USB ports (worth noting it isn't working on USB 2.0 ports, it only works on USB 3.0 for some reason), and even troubleshooting under Windows settings to no avail.

Would anyone happen to know where to go from here? I'm totally stumped on what to do by now. Cheers!

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