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Being able to add automation nodes to all tracks when they are grouped

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asked Aug 10, 2023 in Mixing by papisax (320 points)
recategorized Aug 10, 2023 by papisax
I've been using digital performer and logic for 25 plus years.  I really like Studio One. I'm in the process of doing a mix in Studio One Pro 6. I grouped my drums and wanted to volume automate the drums without using a VCA channel or bus.

I wrote a node onto one of the grouped drum tracks and that node was not written in all of the other tracks in the automation lane for volume. In digital performer on logic once you write a note in one of the tracks if the tracks are grouped that note will show up on all of the tracks It makes it a very easy flow to have micro control over your volume pan and mute automation, without having to use a fader.  This is also true if you want to draw volume automation patterns. Because then you have to copy and paste it to all the other tracks which is very cumbersome time consuming and is bad workflow.

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