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How to Avoid Skips/"Magical Silence" Appearing When Time-Stretching?

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asked Aug 14, 2023 in Studio One 5 by pebblestream (240 points)

Hi all,
For reference, I'm running Studio One Pro 5.5.2 on Windows 10.
So I'm trying to use the auto-quantize function, and while it is very good at detecting transients and aligning them properly via time-stretching, I'm having an issue where every once in a while it will "skip" a moment, despite the fact that there is indeed a non-silent audio item there, or so the waveform claims-- again I'm using the time-stretch function, not the split function. I've attached an example on a song I'm trying to mix right now [edit: I can't find where to attach files so the file in question is attached to the same post I made on the forums:]. My question is, is this unavoidable, am I doing something wrong, or is there something wrong with the program (whether generally or my installation)?

Thanks in advance!

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