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Handwriting a chord in Letter?

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asked Aug 22, 2023 in Notion iOS by GabinLESIEUR (120 points)
Hi everybody, I m a new user of Notion.

I m wondering if I could handwrite a chord with the pencil like " G7sus" for example and if Notion could recognize it and make it clean on the score? If yes, how could I do this? I ve been trying to do it but nothing works :(

Thanks a lot for for your help

1 Answer

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answered Feb 24 by marcpouliot (160 points)
I do not have a solution but I kind of agree with this request. Inputting chords in the Notion mobile is probably its weakest point. It’s not very efficient. In fact, I really don’t like the menus and it’s so much painful compared to just typing the chord. At least that would be a good starting point : allow inputting chords by typing ie.. g7/b  etc.