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What procedure will allow the iPad or iPhone name to appear in permissions on the Studiolive 32SX

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asked Aug 30 in StudioLive Series III by markinsero (140 points)
Experimenting here, iPads 15.x and lower, their name appears in the permissions. iPads 16.x and higher, their name appears as "iPad: iPad".  Even newer iPhones appear as iPhone: iPhone.  We need to allow each performer to adjust their own monitor mix.

I need to get this resolved.  Have multiple "iPad: iPad" names in the permissions list is a nightmare to setup.  We have to have each performer connect one at a time while looking at the permissions list (and most of the time you have to exit and come back to refresh the list).  This is very time consuming and frustrating.  Certainly there must be a lot of folks that see this problem? -Mark

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answered Oct 29 by JimiC (340 points)
It has been over a year since iOS 16 was released. When can we expect to see a resolution to this issue?