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Are We Closer to i9 and Xeon Support for Notion 6? What's the Status?

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asked Jan 16, 2019 in Notion by pauldecesare (5,690 points)
Q1 2019, just wondering if there's been progress on getting Notion to run on Windows on i9 processors (and Xeon too). i9's are getting more and more popular, we need this to work. Will it be fixable or will it show in Notion 7? This is more for PreSonus moderators of course.

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answered Jan 11, 2020 by jessedill (830 points)
selected Jan 11, 2020 by pauldecesare
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Hey, it's been another year, can we get an update or you guys fix this already?

 - I've been bugging Presonus about this since I unwittingly bought Notion and they did NOT have that notice about i9's on the spec page yet. Technically I have one extreme edition processor that is an i7, but it doesn't work either. My main music machine is an i9 and so of course I'm skunked there. I wasted my $150 on Notion and still have never been able to use it. They didn't even offer a refund once I pointed this all out...trying to not still be mad about that lol.

Anyway, the greatness of Studio One and even its integrated capabilities to Notion are lost because of lack luster support and revisions like this. Hire some people and get this done - S1 deserves to take market share from some of these other ancient/bad UI DAWs out there, but this kind of thing is killer when you don't support those of us really advocating for your products in the industry.
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answered Jan 17, 2019 by ChrisS23 (13,750 points)
Thanks for the post. We are aware of this and it will likely be resolved in a major update - for now the specifications page remains as is, listing Notion 6 as incompatible.

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answered Jan 17, 2019 by pauldecesare (5,690 points)
Thanks Chris, appreciate the fast reply. It's a constant battle to get my peers and other orchestral composers in the industry to take Studio One seriously because those of us with upper-end machines can't use notation at all without going to another DAW maker, which then yields the question, why bother with Studio One in the first place. Not good. I have a laptop to do a workaround and I'm a Studio One fan for life because of how great the huge amount of OTHER features it offers plus the best UI (my opinion but S1 is the only DAW I've ever used since I started all this 5 years ago, so I'm biased!), but it remains an EDM/Pop/Rock audio DAW if VI composers can't integrate with Notion. ESPECIALLY after all the fanfare of the new integration of Notion 6 with one of the version 3 updates of Studio One. I was loving it. Then I upgraded from i7 6-core to i9 14-core and it all fell apart. I hope there's an urgency to change the status from "likely will be resolved" to "we need to get this fix in motion NOW". Thanks for listening.
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answered Apr 4, 2019 by miketodd (400 points)
I'm truly desperate for i9 support. I upgraded to a powerful i9 media machine before the notice appeared that it was not i9 compatible, and haven't been able to use Notion since. I really would like to know if "likely be resolved in a major update" is going to happen and when. Otherwise I'm going to have to abandon PreSonus very soon. A shame, because ((like you) I love Studio One 3, and the Notion integration was fantastic.
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answered Nov 7, 2019 by pauldecesare (5,690 points)
Unfortunately for MIDI orchestration I had to jump over to Cubase 10 Pro and will go with Dorico, it's been nearly a year and a half and no progress. The multicore isn't great in Studio One either, it chokes on large orchestral templates. I was devoted to you guys for 4 years and tried to wait it out. I still use Studio One for audio mixing and mastering when I record with mics, and I still use it in church with our StudioLive mixer. But the new road is cinematic composition and I wish I could take PreSonus for the ride. Still the best EDM and rock/pop DAW IMO.
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answered Jan 11, 2020 by pauldecesare (5,690 points)
It was actually, to my surprise, sad to say goodbye to Studio One after 4 years of loving it and praising it. If I were mixing pop tracks that were audio only or maybe with some VI’s added, yeah, I would have stayed on board. No option though with MIDI Orchestration. I’m now immersed in Cubase and its doing what I need, but without a doubt the best user interface for a DAW is Studio One, by three orders of magnitude. Oh well. TBH, Cubase is adding things now to match Studio One so it’s doable and I’m used to it. I’m still ticked at PreSonus for blowing off us who have upgraded our systems to what is a very popular CPU now, and then do nothing for over TWO YEARS. We should be refunded but that won’t happen. When pro level composers blow Studio One off as a toy, how do I argue that? “It’s great if you’re in a rock band or do EDM” doesn’t cut it. Oh well, on a new path now. Take care!
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answered Jan 12, 2020 by jessedill (830 points)
@Pauldecesare - that is really too bad. I keep hoping for a fix since I do all of the above. I'm the producer for a rock group, plus I do EDM producing on my own, and then would like to also be able to use Notion/S1 as I intended to keep doing more MIDI composing/orchestration.

Sadly, at the moment I don't have the $$ to invest in a new DAW. If I were a Mac guy I'd be in Logic - it has a pretty great interface as well, I think the only one that's close to S1. It is too bad management at S1 seems oblivious to our plight - you're right that you can't argue the "it's a toy" when it doesn't get support. I worked in software for a long time, so I get the constraints, but over 2 YEARS without an update/resolution? That's not gonna win anyone over.
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answered Feb 18, 2020 by ChrisS23 (13,750 points)
Just to resolve this question for posterity -

Notion 6.6 and later supports multi-core processors, such as Xeon and i9 on Windows.