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Osmose compatibility as an External Instrument

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asked Sep 4, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by ronaldfigura (260 points)

Recently contacted Expressive E about the compatibility of the Osmose as an External Instrument in Studio One 6. Looking to record Osmose MPE controller gestures and have them play back from S1 into the Osmose as an External Instrument. Below is the response.

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answered Dec 12, 2023 by ThomasWeber9190 (150 points)
Are there any news on that?

If this ist fixed already, i am really curious how to set up the Osmose and StudioOne to Record and PlayBack internals Sounds of the Osmose wia MPE+Midi.

If not: Is PreSonus already working on that?

Thanks ahead :-)
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answered Jan 8 by jw31 (2,110 points)
I hope this fix is put in soon!