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Can i use my external midi device as an instrument

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asked Sep 8, 2019 in Studio One 4 by rickschwartz (390 points)

This info is probably out there already but I'm not exactly sure how to ask it.  When I search under how to use an external device I get lots of answers on how to connect my midi keyboard as a controller.

What I wan to do is use the midi sounds in my Roland Stage piano as an instrument with Studio one.

There are a lot of great patches in my piano. Right now the only was I can see how to use them is by recording them in S1 on an audio channel.

This is good, but I much prefer to work in the DAW with Midi

My Piano is a Roland VX88. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are my specks

  • Studio one 4 PRO  4.5.3
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
  • Windows 10.0.17134  build 17134
  • i5-7400 CPU   12 GB installed RAM


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answered Mar 16, 2020 by nicklee1 (260 points)
I’ve done this in Cubase and Logic Pro.

You want to use your keyboard as if it’s a VSTi, sadly this is not yet in studio one.

Alternative way

You can set up midi controller and then midi instrument and then run stereo audio out from your keyboard into your audio interface.

Record hearing your sound while recording midi.

There’s lots of videos showing how to do this, just go on YouTube and type in “studio one external instrument”.

In my case my Roland sends the main voice out midi ch 4 so find out what channel your keyboard send the main voice out of.