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Can i use my external midi device as an instrument

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asked Sep 8, 2019 in Studio One 4 by rickschwartz (380 points)

This info is probably out there already but I'm not exactly sure how to ask it.  When I search under how to use an external device I get lots of answers on how to connect my midi keyboard as a controller.

What I wan to do is use the midi sounds in my Roland Stage piano as an instrument with Studio one.

There are a lot of great patches in my piano. Right now the only was I can see how to use them is by recording them in S1 on an audio channel.

This is good, but I much prefer to work in the DAW with Midi

My Piano is a Roland VX88. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are my specks

  • Studio one 4 PRO  4.5.3
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
  • Windows 10.0.17134  build 17134
  • i5-7400 CPU   12 GB installed RAM


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