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Recording issues with MPE

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asked Jul 15, 2021 in Studio One 5 by ianspahn (200 points)

(Studio One Professional 5.3)

Does anybody else have issues recording MPE in Studio One? I'm using my Roli Seaboard Block plugged in via USB, with Roli Studio Player as the plugin. I've noticed that there is always a delay (sometimes quite big, see pic) between pressing a note, and the Timbre articulation being modified. This is incredibly annoying and upsetting. These Roli Blocks cost a lot of money, and the fact that it doesn't work flawlessly in a DAW in 2021 is disappointing. Mind you, the Seaboard Block works perfectly in Logic Pro, and i've never had any issues like this using that DAW, which leads me to believe it is a problem with how Studio One receives mdi information.                         

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answered Dec 31, 2022 by vincentkbler1 (170 points)

Made any progress with this? 

I just got a JouĂ© Pro and am using Unify for my MPE setup. 

Everything is recording but the Timbre, which I mapped to dynamics, always jumps until It received an input change(dot) of the Timbre automation curve. 

even though my dynamics value is not max. Studio One only changes it after it receives the first input of the curve after the note is played. 

I checked the Midi inputs:

there actually is cc74 change input (Timbre) just before the press of the note input.
But the data apparently only gets recorded whenever there is note press. 
So it misses the first input which is crucial.
Then second input follows a bit after that, causing the cc74 value to jump to the playes value. 

This makes it unusable when trying to record a live performance,  since the jump is very audible.