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Please add tempo changes in Show Page

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asked Sep 5, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by jurajjarosciak (450 points)

Hello guys, I just wanted to ask if you re considering to somehow incorporate click tempo changes in Show Page...we really really need this in order to take advantage of delay tempos while the song tempo is changing, sometimes several times during one song. 

So, instead of rendering the click track from recording session to the Show Page (for drummer etc..) since we cannot utilize the click that is part of Show Page as of now, we'd be able to render only the backing track and it would be rendered with the click and all the tempo changes straight to the Show Page just like it moves the Arranger Track already...

Now I absolutely understand that this might not apply to modern music as much but there is so many genres of music that could totally love this feature, especially in progressive music, jazz etc. and it would save us so much headache with routing the rendered click track separately to all the Cue Mixes. It's so unnecessarily complicated now.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Been your customer for over 7 years now....You rock!

Juraj (Slovakia)

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answered Feb 6 by michaelbrumit1 (360 points)
I think you can use arranger sections with different tempos. May have to save as a patch.