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Midi controller able to adjust dynamics/expression in Opus app, but not when opened in Studio One.

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asked Sep 26, 2022 in Studio One 5 by joshkasen (130 points)


I use Studio One 5 Pro and have a Korg nanoKONTROL2. I've gone through the proper steps of setting up my nanKONTROL2, using the Korg Kontrol Editor app, to have the first three faders set to CC1, CC11, and CC7, as I understand these are the standard channels for controlling dynamics, expression, and volume in most virtual instruments. While in Studio One, after setting up the nanoKONTROL2, I've gone through the "Learn Midi" process to make sure these faders are being recognized. They all show up appropriately as CC1, CC11, and CC7, confirming that I've successfully set them to the correct channels (not sure if channel is the correct phrase). 

Now, when opening any virtual instrument in Studio One, these faders do not automatically control the dynamics/expression as expected. Instead, I need to go through the process of assigning each fader accordingly within the "instrument editor" window. This was working fine until I came across the following issue: I purchased and downloaded EastWest Hollywood Choirs and realized that I'm seemingly unable to assign these faders to dynamics/expression within the instrument editor of the Opus player in Studio One. I am left completely unable to adjust these while using the virtual instrument in Studio One for some reason, but when I open the Opus player app (outside of Studio One), the faders control the dynamics/expression flawlessly.

For some reason, there appears to be an issue with how the midi controller is setup in Studio One, but I haven't been able to figure out why. PreSonus support hasn't been able to assist figuring this out either. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas what might be wrong here. It feels like this must be a simple setting that I'm missing.

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answered Dec 3, 2023 by jasonholtman (150 points)
I have this exact problem.  Have many other VSTs and know the wooziness of Studio One midi control in certain instances, but this seems to just be entirely blocked from access.  Specifically, I can get the mod wheel assigned to some actions in the VST, but can get to others (specifically expression).  Seems Opus must be used a lot and this has to have a known solve—-otherwise, it’s unusable as an orchestral suite.
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answered Mar 24 by NinoKrznar (140 points)
I also have this exact problem, only with diffetent midi controller. I use Nektar Panorama P6. I Cannot control parameter such as expression, dynamics, etc. It works in kontakt player, Spitfire SO Discovery, and it works in Opus but in Pro Tools, not in S1.
I was really excited, and I still am about switching to S1 from PT, but this is really pushing me away.