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How to not share preamp gains

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asked Feb 4 in StudioLive Series III by albertmerz (250 points)

We have a 32R mixer and want to use it as inear mixer!

The problem is when using it with FOH (32SC for example) in Monitor Mix Mode the preamp gains remain shared! This is not useful and can damage your ears when FOH guy change the gain. The gain on the 32R should be locked for the FOH!!!!

Is there a solution for this szenario unsing the AVB?

Thanks, Albert

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answered Feb 6 by robertweston2 (4,860 points)
selected Feb 7 by albertmerz
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I can only reference the use of an NSB, just because that is how I have my environment setup for FOH and MON.  With an NSB, there is no need for microphone splitters, each console can see the NSB (when the consoles are in a "stand-alone" mode).  Take a look at the links I included (below).  

For your setup with the 32R, I think the 32R would be considered the main console and have full control over the inputs (gain setting and phantom power).  If this is the case, the 32SC should be using the AVB inputs streams from the 32R (should be shown on the 32SC console when setting up the inputs in the AVB Input Streams area).  The inputs for the 32SC should be sourced from the "Gain compensation" streams (aka GC)... not the regular streams.  

The 32R does add a layer of complexity into the routing options for a FOH / MON setup.  I do not use a 32R in my setup.

Not sure if you have seen these:

When I was initially setting up my independent FOH / MON configuration with two consoles and single NSB, I did not find any information on how to do that!  But, what I did find helped me to determine (through trial & error) what needed to be done.
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answered Feb 4 by robertweston2 (4,860 points)
I'm not sure how it would work with a 32R, but setting the FOH and "monitor" consoles both to run as separate/independent consoles (not in monitor mix mode or any other "sharing" mode), you should be able to independently control the gain between FOH and the monitor.  I set my 32S (FOH) and 32SC (monitor) consoles up this way (via a 32.16 NSB)... it keeps the consoles 100% separate from each other, which means they can be controlled as separate/independent consoles.  ...just like it works in an analog setup.
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answered Feb 5 by albertmerz (250 points)
Thanks for your fast reply! This means to spend additional money for some microphone splitters for the monitor mixer and then to buy the NSB32.16 for the FOH right?

Do you have a drawing/schematic of you setup?

Highly appreciated, Thanks Albert
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answered Feb 7 by albertmerz (250 points)
Thank you very much Robert!

I will test it next Weekend.

Best Albert