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Speakers cutting in and out - noise, crackling, connected to DELL Monitor

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asked Feb 8 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by TomWolf2206 (120 points)
Hello everyone,

I received my Eris Studio 4 Speakers yesterday and wanted to test them immediately.
My setup was as follows:
- 2 x Presonus Eris Studio 4

- 1 x Cable to connect both speaker to my DELL U2723qe Monitor Output (
- MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro Chip

- USB-C cable to connect my macbook pro to my dell monitor

When I turn the speakers on they start hissing and crackling and when I play music, the music cuts in and out (like a frequency with with 2 hz or something similar).
When I Connect the speakers with the cable directly to my macbook, it also crackles, but it does not cut in and out.
When I turn off the DELL Monitor and connect the speakers to my macbook, they work perfectly.

Does anybody know what the reason for this problem might be?
Is it the cable? Do I need to use the unbalanced port instead of the balanced?
And why does my external Display destroys the speaker signal but not my macbook?
I need to work with an external monitor (DELL) so not using a monitor is not an option.

I hope you can help me out, feel free to ask any questions, I try my best to answer them (I am not an audio or computer expert).

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