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sorry to bother, i can't get studio one 5 to receive mtc from my tascam model 24

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asked Mar 22 in Completed Feature Requests by leogelderland (220 points)
if this feature is available, i wonder what i am doing wrong.

the tascam has no other options than switching on or off the mtc master function.

i have a proper usb cable connected from the tascam to the mac.

in studio one i have tried setting up a controller, instrument and keyboard, but to no avail.

when i start the tascam model 24 i can monitor midi date being sent to the tascam (pointless), but nothing happens to studio one. no start or stop.

i was hoping to use studio one not just for extra recording, but also to receive the mtc from the tascam and forward sync and mtc to the isla s2400 and koma komplex sequencer that i connected with 5 pin din midi.

i am not a very experienced midi (mtc etc in particular) user, so any help or advice is much appreciated.


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answered Mar 22 by leogelderland (220 points)
my bad, i was convinced i had once upgraded to 5, when there was a special offer. but when i checked the version, it read 3.xxxxx

so, sorry.

i have tried to get a sync using garageband and ableton live, but no luck.

it finally worked woth reaper running (i just let it run from external mtc commands and it sends a tempo to the isla sampler, which transfers it on to the koma sequencer.

i'm not sure if i should actually purchase and register reaper after a while. if i only let it run in idleness....??
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answered Mar 22 by leogelderland (220 points)
fixed it. got rid of the tascam and replaced it with a good old korg d3200. a little less options, but easy to operate.