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track monitor not working correctly suddenly

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asked Mar 23 in Studio One 6 by tonysiebenmorgen (120 points)
Sorry, tried looking this up but didn't find what I needed. I have been using Studio One for years and never ran into this until recently. On my track I am trying to monitor, when I click on the " monitor " button, I A) still do not hear the instrument , B) hear the instrument but w/o the "effects" C) which happens literally constantly; The button does not activate at all ( stays grey ) and nothing happens or hangs before it kicks in, at which point, I only hear the raw instrument for a moment until the button turns Blue, then nothing again.  Studio one is up to date. I have tried on brand new as well as old songs, happens on both. I have checked the latency monitoring and is unchecked.  I went into " Help" to settings and removed the settings file , then restart to have it, as I understand, reset the settings.. I am not sure where else to look for whatever happened about a month or so ago... Any help would be appreciated, I know I am obviously missing something that happened maybe on an update? no idea

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