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Post no 1276 about a f*****g LFO Modulator

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asked Mar 27 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by jaydreadscore (140 points)

Paging the S1 staffers: how many threads are there about this, now: 50, 100, 1000? 

How can such a simple, basic request have been routinely ignored when competitors have had them in place seemingly forever and people have been asking for it for years?

So - YET AGAIN - LFO tool in S1, now, please!

Here are som simple fixes so the S1 Team don't even have to think:

  1. Add a third "modulate" option after tremolo and pan in the XTrem plugin and specify targets via a drop-down
  2. Add a MIDI-effect with sine/triangle/square/saw/S&H/noise which can be routed to multiple targets via macros

There is no excuse for this. Sort. It. Out!

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