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Modulator for plugin-parameters (values)

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Editing by lfo2k (1,610 points)
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Ladies and gentleman, i am pretty sure as producer for Techno and all its subgenres there is one thing you are missing in Studio One:

Modulators for plug-in paramters.

Throwing in a LFO (Sine/Square/Random/SH) to parameters from/to your favorite plug-in would be awesome right? Modulate the frequency of a phaser, decay time from your favorite reverb, or cool FX with your EQ could be possible. More life and randomness for everything.

Taking this one step further? Random modulator for note lenght. Random modulator for velocity.

Studio One is quite awesome but lacks when it comes to the special tools that electronic musicians want and need. Ableton and Bitwig have tons of those. Also the more oldfashioned Logic has something called "Modulator" that does exactly that.

Presonus please : )

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answered Jun 8, 2022 by jasonherd1 (150 points)
I totally agree, I use Ableton, cubase and Logic as I mix for clients who use them but I am looking at moving to studio one as my main DAW and I love what I see so far but the ability for an ableton lfo style tool to control any parameter at the click of two buttons like Ableton would be a game changer, even better create a shaperbox style pluggin that can control ANY parameter on any pluggin with two clicks.

Also the ease of pressing the key logo then a parameter then my midi controller and having that controlled as simple as that in Ableton would be amazing in studio one.

Whilst Studio One is so forward thinking, I think the ease of simple connectivity like in ableton would be the dogs!