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Please Replace/Redesign Control Link to be more Useful and User Friendly

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asked Mar 27 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by jw31 (2,110 points)
I can't get on with 'Control Link'. The plugin window has to be selected for it to keep working, you have to click little drop down arrows, you have to make sure the controller name is highlighted yellow or not, it's just plain clunky and annoying.

So I simply don't use it and set my CCs on the hardware side or use MIDI learn within plugins. But sometimes it is necessary, and then it's a bother.

It needs to be totally tossed and redesigned from scratch. Make it easy and smooth to use like the rest of Studio One.

An entirely separate window to map CCs both globally and per track. Envelopes to control how the CC results behave.


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