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Programming Buttons, Knobs, and Padd on AKAI MPK mini plus in Studio One 5.5.2

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asked May 7 in Studio One 5 by stevearndt (140 points)
I've successfully "learned" the Rewind, Forward, Stop, Play (Start), and Record buttons.  And I've added the K1-K8 knobs as well.  How do I learn the Prev Step, Next Step, Global, and Sequence buttons?  How do I rename the K1-K8 knobs to Division, Swing, etc.?  

When I turn the knobs the blue line on the knob in Studio One shows up as either the bottom left (fully off or low) or the bottom right (fully on or high) - it doesn't show the line moving from left to right and visa versa when I turn the knob.  How do I get the knobs to truly show where the knob is currently set?  

How do I program the pads?

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