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Relative midi control / soft takeover

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asked Nov 5, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by rikaspinall (290 points)
I put this to tech support who said the feature doesn't exist, but I'd like to propose soft takeover functionality/ allowing midi controllers to have relative assignments. What does this mean?

- If I use relative values, then my controller will signal increment/decrement instead of setting a parameter to an absolute value

- This is important because if you have ever used a control knob to say control more than one plugin for focus mode, the control will send the last value you entered. This makes using controls very limited as they must be dedicated to one task only.

- Example: I change Plugin 1 Parameter A from 10 to 20. I then move to Plugin 2 Parameter B and want to change it from 30 to 40. As soon as I rotate the control knob, it will move parameter B from 20 to say 21, instead of starting off at 30. This is also a jump, which is prohibitive for live performance (feel free to judge) / not annoying you when mixing. With relative assignments, if I move the knob clockwise, it will signal to increment the parameter by 1 by sending one value, and decrement by 1 by sending another value. This will mean the original position is respected.

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answered Jun 22, 2021 by paullearmonth1 (1,420 points)
Please, this is a must. I have a controller with 16 endless encoders which works in Cubase but is useless in Studio One.
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answered Jan 20, 2022 by prateekgupta1 (250 points)
Please add this basic DAW feature Presonus. It's making all m external controllers useless.
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answered Feb 9 by nickschreger (650 points)
Absolutely! I can't believe this still isn't possible.