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is it possible to record the wet FX Return from SL Series III

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asked Jul 18, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by juanmar5 (230 points)
Hello, just recently I was recording a singer, using a StudioLive 32 series III. The singer was very exited about the sound of the FX I was using to send to his monitor mix and he said that he wanted that FX in the final recording.

I was able to send, with out a problem, the channel of the mic to the USB send to the DAW, but after trying many things I was not able to send the FX Return with the WET signal, to any USB sends of the mixer, and then to the DAW, I wanted to have 2 separated tracks, the dry mic and the wet FX return.

What I am missing?

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answered Jul 19, 2019 by jonnydoyle (403,150 points)
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The USB output to the computer is post pre amp. However it will never contain the FX process signal.

You can send the FX RET on its own to a spare flex mix and then depending on the flex mix used you can create a channel in Studio One to get that FX signal.

USB send on the mixer are 41/56 = Flex Mixes so you just need to create those channels in Studio One and then assign the inputs.
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answered Jul 18, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
You can route FX A return to a fixed subgroup and route its USB stream to a track in your DAW. If it makes sense to record a mono reverb is another question... ;-)
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answered Sep 3, 2020 by geoffroypinceloup (600 points)
A real headache !!

I spent hours (+ 1Oh) trying to figure out how to record effects returns, I still can't do it.

Even when trying this process, you can't get this feedback.

I'm about to ask for a refund, it's so unintuitive.

I sent a ticket, I left a topic on the forum, I read the manual, searched the internet ... and I'm still at the same point.
I want to believe that I am stupid, but it will also be necessary to believe that Presonus is surely too.

It is abused !!!

In addition, the design is linked to the use of the studio one program. indirectly forcing us to obtain a version of this program to take full advantage of the Series III hardware.
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answered Sep 4, 2020 by geoffroypinceloup (600 points)

Other post: he solution to record in a DAW, an effects return coming from the 32SC or other series III consoles:

Before, first activate the desired tracks, direct them to an effect A, B, C.
Then, direction HOME.
Click on Audio Routing> Digital Patching> USB Sends.
Choose the output on which to record your FX return. Example: USB 41.

Assign a source to this output:
Here, do not choose FXA directly. But an auxiliary group Mix1 to 16 ....
For the example let's take Mix1.
This done, go to Mix1. Initialize Mix1: Use the next button until you see "FX RET A FXA" and the other effects returns (FX RET B, C ...)
Activate the faders of FX RET FXA to send the return to USB 41. Don't forget to activate the Master fader of Mix1.
In your DAW, initialize your source to be processed so that the effect return is captured on an audio track (input track 41 for the example).
Start recording.

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answered Dec 21, 2020 by rgbass (920 points)
Just wanted tp throw my 2 cents in here.  I am really familiar with the verbs on the board, and I'd love to have them available on Studio 1.  This would allow them to be caught in Capture like all the EQ and Comp models, but also to be recalled in other projects just like Fat Channel.  Yeah I know there are built in verbs on OPEN Air, mix verb, room reverb...but I really dig the simplicity of the 335, Vintage plate and the Digital XL and would love to use them on projects in studio one.  it'd be great for access to those for those of us with Series mixers.