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Sample Browsing Convenience

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asked Jun 7 in Editing by ucmrrkgo (540 points)

Dear Studio One Development Team,

We, sound designers and producers, work with hundreds of loops and samples daily. Despite Studio One's many strengths, there are several repetitive tasks and workflow inefficiencies that significantly hinder our productivity. We believe that with a few key improvements, Studio One can truly become the ultimate tool for sound designers. Below are our proposed enhancements, which we hope you will consider implementing in future updates:

Sample Switching with Arrow Keys: A feature allowing users to switch to the next/previous sample from the folder using the left/right arrow keys after loading a sample or loop into the project window. This is a simple yet incredibly useful function available in other DAW that can significantly streamline the workflow.

These enhancements will drastically simplify and accelerate the workflow for sound designers and producers, allowing us to focus more on creativity rather than routine tasks. We are passionate about Studio One and believe that these changes will help us use it to its full potential.

Thank you for considering our suggestions. Your commitment to enhancing Studio One is greatly appreciated, and we eagerly await these improvements that will make our work more efficient and enjoyable.

Best regards,


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