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Studio One 6 not detecting input from Quantum ES 2 ( Quantum ES 2 itself detects inputs and outputs)

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asked Jun 9 in Studio One 6 by ta-shannfearon1 (110 points)
edited Jun 9 by ta-shannfearon1
Hi there guys, I would greatly appreciate any help! I am using a Quantum ES 2 interface on Windows 11. I have updated the device firmware as needed. The interface itself detects input as I can see the Input and Output LED's when I pluck. The Auto Gain feature seems to work also. It's when it's time to record in Studio One 6, with the ES 2 selected in the audio settings, where I get no input signal from the DAW itself. I press the record button (with the record button toggled on the audio track I made) and start plucking and I get nothing. I also get nothing in general from my headphones when they are plugged into the ES 2. Hopefully there is something simple I am missing!


It would seem that my issue is, Windows/Studio One only seems to pickup the rear inputs of the interface, and not the front 'guitar' one....any tips?

In Studio One, I only have the Mic/Line 1 and 2 options for recording. I suppose I need an option for front guitar input, but I cannot see it!

For reference, if I plug in my Focusrite interface everything works normally.

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