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How can I fix a midi note that doesn't trigger properly?

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asked Jul 7 in Studio One+ by MARKCIRICILLO (120 points)
I have an orchestral piece that I'm writing. There are several tracks that are 16th note rhythms.  I have two tracks that are strings. These two tracks have eighth notes in them. When I play the strings tracks solo, they play just fine. However, when all the instruments are playing together, the eighth notes in my string tracks play as 16th notes. When I watch the track bar scroll to the eighth notes in my string sections, it doesn't trigger the note right away. It gets about halfway through the note, THEN plays. The result is a shorter note than what it should be. What could be causing this and can it be fixed?  I m using Windows 10 64bit and Studio One version 6.6. All of my instruments are Kontakt instruments. Thanks very much.

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