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How do I use Quick Scenes with the StudioLive 32Ai?

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asked May 10, 2015 in Ai Mixers by AlexTinsley (825,430 points)
How do I use Quick Scenes with the StudioLive 32Ai?

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answered May 10, 2015 by AlexTinsley (825,430 points)
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StudioLive 32.4.2 AI - Quick Scenes and how to use them


The Quick Scene buttons in the Fat Channel allow you to create a scene 
without storing it to permanent memory and giving it a name. This is 
especially useful when mixing multiple bands that you might not ever 
mix again. You can also use this to have important stored scenes at your 
fingertips, which is great, for example, when mixing for live theater.


Creating a Quick Scene


1. Press the Scene Store button. All the Quick Scene buttons will start to flash.


2. Press any of the six flashing buttons to store the scene to the button.



Recalling a "Quick Scene"


To recall a Quick Scene, press and hold a Quick Scene button. The scene stored to that 
position will be recalled according to the Recalling Filters.  Scene Recalling Filters are 
ones that recalls certain parameters when you the user set "Yes" to them.  Make sure you
are always aware of their settings before recalling Quick Scenes.  For an Overview
of Recalling Scenes and Scene Filters, click here.


When you recall a Quick Scene, your StudioLive automatically stores a snapshot of 
the current state of the mixer. When you press the Undo button, your StudioLive will 
revert to this snapshot.

Note: Until you recall a Quick Scene for the first time, the Undo button will recall the 
StudioLive’s factory-default settings.


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answered May 16, 2017 by natanaelegallo (240 points)
what about scenes fade loading? it is possible to have a fade-out for previous state and fade-in for loading scenes? If not, it can be a cool feature.