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What is the Side Chaining and How is it used with a StudioLive Ai Mixer?

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asked May 10, 2015 in Ai Mixers by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
What is the Side Chaining and How is it used with a StudioLive Ai Mixer?

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answered May 10, 2015 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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The key filter can be sidechained to another channel. Sidechaining has 
many uses. You can use sidechained key filter to tighten up a rhythm 
section by sidechaining the kick drum channel to the bass channel and 
setting the gate to open at the frequency of the kick drum. This, combined 
with a fast attack and release, will make your rhythm section more cohesive. 
Increase the release time to loosen the feel.

Another great use for a sidechain is as an effect in electronica production. Try 
sidechaining a drum loop to a sustained source, like pads or strings. By doing this, 
every time a drum hit triggers the key filter, your sustained source will be heard. 
Between hits, this source will be silenced. Playing with the attack and release will 
transform this effect from a rhythmic pulse all the way to a chopped-up stutter.

This tutorial will guide you through the first use case. Please note, that while 
sidechaining the kick drum to the bass channel can tighten up a good rhythm 
section and make them sound even better, it will not correct timing issues and will 
actually exaggerate them if your bass player and drummer aren’t in the pocket.


For this purposes of this Tutorial, we will be sidechaining the 
kick drum on Channel 1 to the bass on Channel 15.


1. Press the bass channel’s Select button.


2. In the Fat Channel’s Gate section, press and hold the Key Listen button. All the 
channel Select buttons on your StudioLive will flash except the bass channel.


3. press the kick drum channel’s select button. The bass channel’s select button will 
illuminate and the kick drum channel’s select button will continue to flash. This will 
be your indication that the channel has a sidechain. Every time you select the bass 
channel, the kick drum channel’s select button will flash. 
Adjust the Key filter frequency to match the kick drum.


4. To break the sidechain, simply repeat Step 2 and 
press the bass channel’s Select button.


Power User Tip: The Smaart Spectra™tools in VSL-AI
can make this process quick and easy. See “Enabling
Smaart Analysis” in the StudioLive 32.42.AI Software  
Library Manual for more information.