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Audiobox interfaces are not compatible with Universal Control 1.8 - Don't update! You'll lose the "Z" feature.

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asked Aug 30, 2016 in AudioBox USB by dm5sf (400 points)
After asking for support at Presonus they told me to uninstall U.C. 1.8 and reinstall VSL software...

I only did the upgrade, or software substitution, because it was "extremely recommended".

Actually U.C. 1.8 doesn't recognize the "Z" compatibility of the interface what makes it unusable at least with Audiobox 22VSL.

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answered Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck (355,660 points)
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The AudioBox USB and 22VSL are compatible with UC 1.8.3

You will loose the VSL mixer feature as well as the "Z" latency functions unfortunately.


In August of 2016 we released Universal Control 1.8 which supports the AudioBox VSL series interfaces. It does not contain the VSL Software. However it will allow you to uninstall the non-functioning AudioBox VSL 1.3 software, and it will allow you to update the firmware to the latest supported version. 

Universal Control 1.8 (or higher) is available on the download page for:

NOTE: AudioBox 1818VSL Remote for iPad will continue to function for previously supported operating systems where AudioBox VSL software is supported.

Please Note: With this recent change in El Capitan, AudioBox VSL users will not see the "Z"  or Zero Latency feature within Studio One.

We've also created some tutorials to assist with getting your AudioBox VSL interface up and running without AudioBox VSL Software, including learning about default routing of the inputs and outputs and how to send audio to your headphones. 

Lastly, if you still need to use the AudioBox 1.3 software, you can always opt to downgrade to a previously supported operating system where that software still works. We no longer provide support for AudioBox VSL software, any issues will need to be discussed in the AudioBox VSL Community forums

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answered Aug 30, 2016 by paulboy (160 points)
yes I had problems with universal disaster too . 44vsl kept crashing so Ive gone back to 1.3 with vsl . I think they need a new release for us but I'm not holding my breath . Seems to be working fine now though
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answered Oct 16, 2016 by anthonyparks1 (160 points)
I am having this exact same problem with an AudioBox iTwo except when I try to reinstall I get Error 115, Installation Failed. My Presonus interface is basically a paperweight at the moment.