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Audiobox Itwo Power Button Blinking When PC Is In Sleep Mode After Universal Control 2.0.1 Update

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asked Apr 14, 2017 in AudioBox USB by robertblanton (850 points)
I just updated my Audiobox Itwo with the Universal Control 2.0.1. update

I notice that when my PC goes into sleep mode the power button flashes off and on continuously.

Should I unplug the interface every time its not in use or is it ok to keep it plugged in with the power button flashing?

I don't want to cause any hardware burnout or possible glitching from the power button blinking off and on.

Hope Presonus fixes this issue in the next update. Thanks

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answered Apr 18, 2017 by butchrichard (131,360 points)
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The driver shouldn't necessarily have anything to do with how a device is powered.  The AudioBox is powered from the USB connection of your computer.  Unfortunately, USB connections "are not" created equal from computer to computer.  When your computer is in Sleep mode, it is still supplying power to that USB connection.

Personally, I always "Power OFF" my equipment and my computer.  I never use Sleep or Hibernate.

* check your Power Options.  You may be able to change USB settings.

* try connecting to different USB connections on your computer.  One may not supply power in Sleep mode.

* connect to a USB connection on the "back" of your computer.

* you could also consider using a powered USB hub with ON/OFF switches for each port.  These are very inexpensive and common

Ensure that you computer is within System Specifications.

You should also always ensure that your computer is up to date with all current updates.

You should also go to your computer's vendor website and ensure that your model computer is fully up to date with system specific drivers.

Ensuring your computer is fully up to date will allow for the best performance and compatibility.

If you have installed any older AudioBox device drivers, you may need to use this article to fully uninstall.

Then you can download the current and all previous driver versions for the AudioBox here.

If UC 2.0.1 is indeed problematic on your computer, you can install a previous version but I would not recommend it.

Use current drivers with a fully up to date computer.