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Restore files aren't seen in UC AI so I can't restore scenes after factory reset

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asked Sep 7, 2016 in Ai Mixers by pwashburn (340 points)

UC 1.8

Win7 Pro 32 Bit

Had to do a factory reset to get the latest firmware on the RM32.  Made a backup of the RM32 before doing the update.  Firmware update is successful.  Went to restore my backup of the RM32 and nothing shows up in UC 1.8's restore window as far as available restore points go.   Where are the backup files stored on a Win7 PC?  How do I get UC to see those backups?

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answered Sep 8, 2016 by Michael Martin (88,980 points)
All StudioLive scene, preset, and backups are located in the following directory (Classic Mixers will have just StudioLive folder):

Documents > Presonus > StudioLive AI > Library > Presets

In there you will see the following directories:


The Backup file can be renamed as a .ZIP file if you want to open the backup and extract specific scenes and place them in the scene folder. If your backup/scenes are not there, then they were saved to another location or device.